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It might seem sudden, but they have been very close for the past few months.”Liam, however, shattered that beautiful illusion when he went ahead and denied the possibility of an impending wedding during an interview with Australia’s , a mere two months later.“I am not engaged, no,” he said, without offering any further explanation.

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It is an endless series of historical stories and photographs of our universe, the Eben planet and their former homeworld, and other interesting stories about the universe.It also contains a historical narrative and various accounts about Earths history and distant past.When you place the book close to your eyes, you will begin seeing words and images flashing before you.Depending on the particular language you are thinking, that particular language will appear.REVEALED: The NAME OF THE ACTUAL UFO CONTROL-STUDY GROUP WHICH COMPLETELY MANAGES THE UFO SUBJECT MATTER ... This orange-brownish book is updated every five (5) years and also contains some cross-over information from The Yellow Book. It is a block of material, approximately 2 inches thick and transparent in nature and appearance.Project SERPO - Steven Spielbergs 1977 film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind is based on the famous Holloman landing as well as the human-ET exchange depicted at the very end with 10 (ten) men and two (2) women who are shown embarking on the alien spacecraft. The reader looks at the transparent surface and suddenly words and pictures appear.So far, the USG has identified 80 different languages. The YELLOW BOOK tells the story of the Ebens lives, their exploration of the universe, their planet, their societal life and other aspects, including the Ebens longtime relationship with Earth.

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Victor, I know all of this because you see, I have served as the editor for several editions of The RED BOOK and have written and delivered the Executive Summary for several sitting U. I do not correct nor review any of the hundredsif not thousandsof reports which are distilled into the final 5-year report for grammar and punctuation as youve done with the Project SERPO material.I only present and include the most important, compelling cases into The RED BOOK which includes an analysis by me and others of any trends, types of sightings, human contacts with the ETEs and any national security concerns our government or planet might have.My part is to write the The Executive Summary and present it to the current sitting president of the United States.Buddhism Hinduism Jainism The Billy Meier Pleiadian Contacts = The universe now goes into an equally lengthy SLEEP CYCLE ... In the late 1920s, Lemaitre deduced that if the universe were expanding, then by going back in time, one would find that everything started from one point.He suggested that the universe had originated as a great COSMIC EGG, [oblate spheroid] from a primordial atom which exploded and expanded outward.= Formation of mature GALAXIES, QUASARS and the oldest STARS in the MILKY WAY GALAXY 9.1 billion years [AB] - 5.6 billion years ago = Our SOLAR SYSTEM including EARTH are formed 9.9 billion years [AB] - 3.8 billion years ago = First FOSSILS formed 13.4 billion years [AB] - 320 MYA = First REPTILES 13.5 billion years - 200 MYA = AFRICA splits from AMERICA; the DINOSAURS disappear 13.64 billion years [AB] - 65 MYA = End of the DINOSAURS; small MAMMALS diversify 13.695 billion years - 5 MYA = PRIMATES including the first APES evolve 13.6998 billion years [AB] - 195,000 YA = HOMO SAPIENS appear 13.6999 billion years [AB] - 10,000 YA = End of the last ICE AGE; dawn of the MODERN WORLD 13.7 billion years [AB] = The PRESENT DAY, June 2008 14.7 billion years - 1 billion years hence = EARTH become UNinhabitable 18.7 billion years [AB] - 5 billion years hence = SUN becomes a red giant ...