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Although her claim was unsupported by evidence, her story exemplified the stereotypes used to pass the Mann Act—fear of foreigners, especially Chinese men; abduction and drugging in order to be raped and enslaved; a narrow escape; and salvation through Christian conversion.

Other groups like the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and Hull House focused on children of prostitutes and poverty in community life while trying to pass protective legislation.

This term referred to women being kidnapped for the purposes of prostitution.

By the summer of 1942, Chaplin let her contract expire.

The second significant action at the local level was to close the brothels and the red light districts.

From 1910 to 1913, city after city changed previously tolerant approaches and forced the closing of their brothels.

According to Connelly, such concerns represented a "hysterical" version of genuine and long-standing issues arising from the concentration of young women from rural backgrounds in the expanding cities of the era, many of whom were drawn into prostitution for "mundane" economic reasons.

A number of Vice Commission reports had drawn attention to the issue.