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Formview objectdatasource not updating

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I have items in a Grid View with the primary key Item Id, and when i delete or update items the Grid View creates the parameter original_Item Id. Therefore there is one parameter too much in the method call (Item Id and original_Item Id) I resolved the issue by deleting the Item Id attribute, which the Grid View for some reason has set to 0.I delete it in the object data sources deleting event like this: protected void ods Item_Deleting(object sender, Object Data Source Method Event Args e) I'm having a related error.Quote from set the Old Values Parameter Format String property to a string expression that is used to format the names for original-value parameters, where the characters represent the field name.For example, if you set the Old Values Parameter Format String property to original_, the current value for a field named First Name would be passed in a parameter named First Name, and the original value for the field would be passed in a parameter named original_First Name.I had the same error, using Data Set or just a Object Data Source.I even had this error using a sample from the help documentation from Microsoft!!!I simply replaced the parameter name from what it was "Contractor ID" to "original_Contractor ID" since that what it was looking for, though I'm not sure how to change that request. The code generated looks for the name you entered in the proc, don't change the proc, just change the name in the code since the CLR has it's mind made up to look for what it wants, give it what it wants.Hope this helps somebody, I have 6 hours into digging for a solution, found this blog got it to work and added this post What a pain in the arse. Changing the Olf Values Parameter Format String was by far the best solution without feeling like a hack. Had the same problem with a DAL, and a BLL on top of that.

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Most of the commands have a built-in method – for example, if the command is “Update”, the Form View comes with a Update Item method.What I got is using original_ will create an extra parameter named original_Filed Name Also, if you have full control of the Object Data Source code, set Object Data Source's Conflict Detection property to Overwrite Changes should have same effect as Jon's solution because the Old Values collection wouldn't be needed any more.Check this out: yeah, reading along here, fighting the same problem as everyone else, apparently!This is very, very simple, and you implement it using the On Item Command event handler.The Item Command also applies to objects like the Form View, and adds a lot of flexibility to your applications.I went to the HTML and changed those "extra" fields to say "Eval" instead of "Bind" and it all started working again. Two way binding values in the item template do not match the requested parameters for deleted values. Simple you guys just saved me a day worth of work Johns solution: Change: Old Values Parameter Format String="original_" to Old Values Parameter Format String="" definitely works.