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She does — but also because she can pass as a call girl.4) Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows I know and you know that you keep your Center Stage VHS in the shoebox with your Coyote Ugly VHS. Well, I’m happy to report that Gallagher’s eyebrows are as vigorous as ever.5) Agent Walkers are sexy. That Veronica Mars movie is not going to happen, guys.

I know and you know that you always stop on Soap Net when reruns of The O. Yeah, that’s right: Piper’s character is named “Annie Walker.” Agent Walker. It’s time to embrace a new blonde crime fighter.7) Henry Grubstick Ugly Betty did Christopher Gorham wrong, and please don’t make me talk about Harper’s Island.

The instructor asks who wants to jump out first, and her hand shoots up faster than Hermione Granger at a Hogwarts: A History debate.3) … Oh, the dreams I’ll dream tonight.6) You still miss Veronica Mars It’s OK, I miss her too.

who is also an underdog She thinks she gets called up early to Langley because she’s a wunderkind. The blonde hair, the sass, the casual fearlessness, the fast-talking, the way she can get anyone do to her bidding with just enough flirting.

“They had such little time to assemble such a huge amount of knowledge and get it to their anchors.” Perabo brings the commitment she observed to her onscreen role.

While shooting a scene that took place in the broadcast’s control room, she never once looked up from the monitor before the show-within-a-show went to a commercial break, even though Sunjata’s character, attorney Jake Gregorian, was trying to speak to her the entire time. “So I’m not thinking about him.” But when onscreen chemistry is as central to a show as it is to “Notorious,” the way the two leads work together is even more important than how they work individually.

Gorham is Agent Auggie Anderson, and he’s even sweeter than you remember.8) Did I mention Piper Perabo?

OK, just checking.9) You may think you know …USA is good at this. The story seems easy, the characters seem likable (or unlikable), and you’ve got it all figured out in the first half-hour.10) …

Piper got her big break in the 2000 movie Coyote Ugly, in which she starred as an aspiring, fresh-faced songwriter Violet Sanford who comes out of her shell while working at a women-run bar in New York City.“You make the offer and you pray to God they have chemistry.” Perabo and Sunjata hadn’t met before accepting their roles on the show, but Sunjata said his co-star’s reputation preceded her. “We’re still getting to know each other personally,” Sunjata said.“I don’t think that we necessarily work the same way. We can see the things that are similar about our approach to the work and the things that are different …It was super small, only twenty guests, on the California coast.At one point, hang-gliders swooped in from the distance.WHY SHE’S FOXY: Because she’s a history-obsessed, crocodile-ring-collecting, Emmy-nominated, Hollywood blonde Broadway star and native New Jersey Girl Turned Powerhouse Jetsetter with Woody Allen wit and Jane Austen gentility.