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Philosophy The Montessori Method is characterized by an emphasis on self-directed activity on the part of the child and clinical observation on the part of the teacher (often called a director, directress, or guide).It is also characterized by the use of autodidactic (self-correcting) equipment for introduction and learning of various concepts.Waldorf pedagogues are considered to be supportive of the physical, emotional and intellectual growth of the child through assimilative learning.In the classroom Waldorf early childhood teachers try to create a comfortable, homelike environment that offers children plenty of opportunities to freely imitate what they see and to indulge in creative play.That’s why each class usually includes children from a two- to three-year age span. Children who want a hands-on learning environment suited to their own needs will flourish in this environment.The length of the day depends on the school and the age of the students. The individual attention given to each child makes each child feel important and valued.These include daily story time when a teacher usually tells a fairytale, often by heart.Waldorf kindergartens and lower grades discourage exposure to media influences such as television, computers, or recorded music, as they believe these to be harmful to cognitive development in the early years.

• Cultural subjects — Children learn Geography, zoology, time, history, music, movement, science, and art.In a Montessori school, teachers aren’t the only instructors.Older kids often help younger ones learn how to master new skills.Daily activities range from painting, coloring, singing, and reciting poems to modeling with beeswax, baking bread, building houses out of boxes, sheets, and boards, and dressing up and pretending to be parents, kings, and magicians.In Waldorf schools oral language development is addressed through songs, poems and movement games.Local Preschools include: Wake Forest Montessori, Philosophy According to Rudolf Steiner, founder of the first Waldorf school at the Waldorf Astoria cigarette factory in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1919, a person is made up of three aspects — spirit, soul, and body.