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For those who are divorced, and particularly for divorced parents, diving back into the dating world pool can seem more than intimidating.

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Regular meet-ups take place in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin, and will re-start in Christchurch once a new co-ordinator is found.Poly hookups happen on Tinder and Ok Cupid while Kiwiburn, our version of the Burning Man festival, is known for being a poly hangout.

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Thus far the dating has been fairly ordinary too, for Kim at least."I have gone on so many dates and had so many duds, it's just ridiculous," she says. But that's the good thing about poly, I can come home and we can laugh about it together."Her husband has met "two fabulous ladies" and one has become his girlfriend.

The supermarket shopping is left up to Joe, Karl tends to help with the housework and we all look after the kids."Each partner fulfills different needs for Mia, a feature of polyamory that is often cited as an advantage."Joe is very introverted but has the heart and soul of a philosopher.

He is intelligent and the conversations we have are out of this world.

"There are as many ways of being polyamorous as there are polyamorous people." Ana, a soil scientist, and Samantha, a teacher, live together with their two children. Samantha remains in the main house while the other two use the sleep-out.

The next day, Caleb returns to the home he shares with Sue, who used to live with Ana and Caleb in a love triad, but can no longer abide Ana's company.