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Every credible theory of happiness and meaning in life says that such a tight network of friends is about the best we can wish for in life. A dark side of the American dream: Correlates of financial success as a central life aspiration.

In the most painful (for me) moment of the movie, Philippe tells how, immediately upon release from police custody, he had sex with the first female groupie who offered herself up to him while his longtime girlfriend waits for him back at the hotel.

His casual collaborators did not seem particularly close, nor disturbed by events, but his closest compatriots are at a loss to explain what happened to them (at least in the movie; what they have been up to over the last 30 years does not seem to be well documented).

I hope this helps fill in some of the details, but in the end, I am not trying to treat this story as a case study, but rather a meditation on what stories could be told from Man on Wire.

When Philippe completed his walk on the wire, he was arrested, and swept into sudden fame.

The reader's comment began, more or less, by confronting the question "Who took the photographs of Philippe on the wire?